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  1. Post Photos Of Your Cage!
  2. Post Pictures of DIY Toys you have made!
  3. DIY Playgyms
  4. cage parts
  5. To cover or not to cover....
  6. Cockatiel Cages
  7. are you really OCD about...
  8. Cage for Cockatiel
  9. Your cleaning schedule?
  10. New cage - how to introduce
  11. good cage ?
  12. A thought of a new cage comes to mind
  13. Cage liners and what is safe?
  14. The 'tiels got a new cage (mansion)!
  15. Just another bar spacing Question...
  16. new cage soon :)
  17. Grumble Grumble... Stupid cage.
  18. Cage Size?
  19. cage
  20. Vintage/Custom Cages
  21. Cage Grate question?
  22. Anyone have indoor aviaries?? or Bird rooms?
  23. Cage questions
  24. Platform for tiels?
  25. Anyone have this cage?
  26. Cage Shopping
  27. Dilema
  28. Cage Cleaning Questions (??)
  29. Christmas Day!
  30. Cockatiel Aviary setup! A Good Idea?
  31. Can I see photos of this cage? (those who have it)
  32. Is This An Appropriate Cage?
  33. Cage wishlist!
  34. How many Cockatiels would fit comfortably in this aviary?
  35. How to stop them kicking seeds around!?
  36. Cage Lining?
  37. Larger individual cages or aviary?
  38. Cage Website
  39. Bird toys question??
  40. Good cage lining?
  41. I am thinking what to buy vulture?
  42. Possible new cage
  43. What is your cockatiel's favorite toy(s)?
  44. FedEx lost my cage!
  45. Appropriate cage for a cockatiel?
  46. I am looking for a new enclosure and would like your input please.
  47. How to secure branch to cage?
  48. Here I go again with Cage Issues!
  49. ordered a new cage!
  50. Another new cage?
  51. Choosing a new cage for Quinn.
  52. Cage question?
  53. does this look like a good play stand?
  54. Whats your cage ?
  55. cleaning things
  56. Travel cages?
  57. Help me convince them!
  58. Need Help With A Cage Please
  59. New Cage!
  60. Your Advice on New Cage Please :)
  61. material for cage bottom?
  62. Are these perches safe? & New cage came!
  63. Buying a Cage - Separate Tiels or Stay Together?
  64. Cage size?
  65. Help deciding on a new cage!
  66. AWW Thats worth the money
  67. Best place to buy new cage?
  68. Activity Centre
  69. Minimum comfortable cage size?
  70. Cage color?
  71. Playtop or no playtop cage?
  72. What you use on the bottom of your cage?
  73. Cage size for 2 birds?
  74. bar spacing?
  75. cage suggestions??
  76. best cage setup yet!! WOO
  77. building a cage
  78. Is this bar spacing ok?
  79. Is my cage big enough?
  80. Cage setup update
  81. How to build a flight cage?
  82. Unfinished play area
  83. A lovely "new" cage
  84. So this owner loves cage redecoration...
  85. Welcome to Cockatiel Housing and Toys
  86. Two toys I found they absolutely love
  87. My New Bird Toy Blog
  88. best perches?
  89. advice on cages and toys?
  90. new toy
  91. Scared of the new Toys
  92. Looking into a cage?
  93. How can I
  94. Dragonwood perches safe?
  95. Wanted: 24" Straight, natural fir or manzanita perches
  96. My Handmade Birdtoys
  97. Are these toys I made safe?
  98. I got a package this morning!
  99. Cozy Corner Cage by NuAge
  100. First time making DIY toys; are they safe for birds? [img heavy]
  101. First time making DIY perches; are these safe for birds? [img heavy]
  102. Really want to get this cage...
  103. ideas for a cripple tiel
  104. what about this cage?
  105. Safe perches
  106. No mess bowls?
  107. Would this make a good toy?
  108. switching the cage around??
  109. Cage Setup! (:
  110. I'm confused, help please!!
  111. and another question lol
  112. Playgm Ideas
  113. Do tiels like swings or boings better?
  114. Emmm ooppssies??
  115. Switching the Cage Position?
  116. Safe way to colour wood?
  117. Is this a good cage?
  118. Good Website?
  119. Are coconut strips safe for toys?
  120. Is pine a safe wood?
  121. where to find toy parts
  122. Got another order toy parts & 3 toys!
  123. older cage, slightly rusty at bottom needs painting
  124. Tempered steel anyone?
  125. Good cage for cockatiel
  126. Bird Room Video Tour
  127. Easy Swing Idea
  128. Preparing for a tiel!
  129. woot lets get busy :p
  130. Can three 'tiels fit in this cage?
  131. Yay! New stuff!
  132. Small aviary?
  133. the cage size
  134. looking for arched ladder for top of bird cage..????
  135. Hagen Vision Cages?
  136. DIY foraging toy step by step
  137. My first homemade toy (Fail)
  138. Picotte's favorite
  139. Shower Perches
  140. Montana mini San remo
  141. Live Plants? or Fake?
  142. Large enough for 4?
  143. Cockateil plays with door?
  144. Finding a vision bath in the UK?
  145. Unfinished natural play-stand
  146. Play area update (photos)
  147. Too obsessed with toy mirror! HELP
  148. Hey guys!!!
  149. My homemade toys for my fids
  150. Bigger cage?
  151. Setting Up Shop
  152. Is this ok for my aviary?
  153. Bar spacing? Searching for a better cage
  154. Corner cages?
  155. Window perches?
  156. UK members! Tell me where you buy your toys from online please :)
  157. cage requirments for a 9 w old
  158. Are these cages too small for two Cockatiels
  159. Australian Members: Good online sites to order toys?
  160. Recommend a new cage?
  161. Is boondoggle string safe?
  162. How many in my Aviary
  163. taking orders...
  164. Looking for advice for making my own birdcage
  165. Would this be a good cage for 2 tiels ?
  166. converting a greenhouse to aviary
  167. perch/playgym
  168. Your opinion on these cages...
  169. Toys
  170. PT or DT?
  171. Is all pine safe ?
  172. Moving to outside cage??
  173. Eating Toy
  174. does anyone have this cage
  175. The new home
  176. Toy question
  177. Is the cage ok?
  178. DIY cage
  179. Thought I would give it a try
  180. updated playgym
  181. Cholla perches
  182. Rope Perch Sizes
  183. Is Mahogany good ??
  184. Those little plastic string keychains...
  185. Found a great toy part site
  186. Rex and Shake's new cage !
  187. Please, Please read: have your sayings about the Perches.
  188. 22 Inch perch
  189. Toys for the disinterested bird?
  190. natural wood perch
  191. foraging ideas
  192. Got new cage today
  193. My DIY playgym
  194. Holes in lolly sticks?
  195. Covering the cage at night and natural perches
  196. Would 1" x 5-5/8" bar spacing be to big for a 'tiel?
  197. Please help ~ New Perches (Lime wood) disinfection Process??
  198. Should the bark be removed?
  199. My parrot shop
  200. new gem
  201. Cage Size?
  202. Oxee & max's new home
  203. Is there such a thing as too big?
  204. Willow Wreath Orders
  205. Some new items added to my site!
  206. How to get them to use the bottom of cage!
  207. Thinking ahead to Xmas toys and thanksgiving/xmas food!
  208. this cage:
  209. Buttons..buttons..who's got the buttons??
  210. Cage setup
  211. WIll this cage be okay for my cockatiel?
  212. What Types of Wood are Safe for Housing?
  213. Some new toys
  214. What material do you suggest for bottom of tiel cage? newspaper?
  215. What do you think...
  216. Changes to the play area.
  217. considering cages for future tiel
  218. New Cockatiel Bath Toy!?
  219. Would this be safe to use as a divider in my cage in the middle to make two cages ?
  220. Homade Natural Play Gym
  221. I just got for them a new cage
  222. New perches & hanging toys!
  223. Can You Use Shredder Newspaper As Bedding?
  224. Does anyone have this playgym ?
  225. cedar wood chips for bedding
  226. Thoughts on this as a travel cage?
  227. top of cage??
  228. new items and an update!
  229. Play Gym for Daisy!
  230. popscicle stick toys
  231. I made 2 homemade toys for Daisy!
  232. DIY cage??
  233. Re-Painting A Cage?
  234. Cage cover
  235. housing tiels with budgies?
  236. Live plants?
  237. foraging success!
  238. best playground for a cockatiel within reason (price-wise)
  239. Help ~ My Bird sleeps on the food bowl ! :eek:
  240. all in their own or all in one cage??
  241. Bugs
  242. Cage opinions??
  243. Finally decided on cage
  244. Foot toy ideas?
  245. Toy I made
  246. Swings
  247. could i seprate
  248. Just like Christmas!
  249. here is me new cage
  250. I leave my tiels cage open at all times. Am I the only one?