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Training and Bonding Give and recieve tips on training and bonding with your cockatiel here.

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Old 05-18-2017, 05:08 PM
katiekate katiekate is offline
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Default First Time Bird Owner- How do I tame two??

Iím a first-time bird owner and I feel a little lostÖ

We just got two cockatiels about a week ago who are both about 6-8 weeks old. Iím not sure on the exact ages of either one. We think they are both males One is a pastel faced pearly pied and a pastel faced cinnamon. Both were hand fed and know how to step up.

We have two new cockatiels and I have questions about both individually and together:

For our new Pearly Pied-
Is it normal for a new cockatiel to sit with its feathers puffed and head feathers up all the time?
Weíve only had him for a day but as Iíve read that it can be a sign of sickness Iím a little worried. He was friendly the first day when we brought him home but now heís grumpyÖ

For our new Cinnamon-
If heís super friendly and comfortable coming out, stepping up, coming to us, and shows no signs of aggression or defense. Is it okay to assume heís tame and comfortable?

For both-
With the Cinnamon being so friendly and the Pearly Pied so unfriendly Iím not sure how to go about taming the Pearly Pied. Every time I try to sit with my hand sitting in the cage or hand freed the pearly pied the Cinnamon comes over (and usually goes right up my arm to my shoulder which is his favorite perch) and gets the Pearly Pied wound up to the point he gets aggressive toward me.

How do I tame the Pearly Pied?

Is there anything to worry about for them being friends together? Anything we can do to help that? They seem fine together when Iím not involved.

Sorry for posting a novel and thanks in advance!

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Old 05-18-2017, 08:49 PM
Haimovfids's Avatar
Haimovfids Haimovfids is offline
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About the puffiness: if he is sleepy most of the day, no energy, and always puffy; you might want to get that checked out by an avian vet. Birds are very good at hiding illnesses. However, do note that new birds are stressed in the new environment, and can mimic a sick bird. Just make sure it is temporarily and not something serious.

About the taming: lucky for you, they are relatively young, so taming them will be much more easier than an adult. Spend a lot of time with them, and they should be fine. If you see that they rather spend more time with themselves, you can tame them each in a different room.
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