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Cockatiel Talk Talk about anything cockatiel related here.

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Old 03-04-2017, 12:58 PM
jmorg1010 jmorg1010 is offline
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Default My new cockatiel

I'm not new to cockatiels. My cockatiel passed about two years ago. I had one before him also. Both lived long happy lives. I wasn't going to get another, but the itch to have one got me. Two months ago I was in a pet shop and saw this bird cowered in a corner, trembling. It was frightened beyond belief. I asked about the bird and was told they had it since it was two months old and it was now about 6 months old. I stayed with it for at least an hour talking to it. It finally came onto it's perch and started paying attention to me. I had to rescue this poor bird, so I told the salesperson that I would purchase the bird if I could get a discount on the price since it would need a lot of attention and no one else would probably buy it the way it was twitching and cowering in the corner. The store manager agreed and I bought the bird. It is a pied so I'm not sure of the sex yet. I have Fonzi (?him) for two months now. From the moment I brought him home he never cowered or twitched again. He was finger trained in a week and never goes to bite. He still like his cage best and won't sit with me, but will hop onto my finger no matter where he is. He tries to say pretty bird and does a feeble wolf whistle. He whistles the entire Adams Family song and is starting the Andy Griffith theme song. Still won't touch any pellets no matter what brand, or any veggies. I'm saying it is a him since he is so vocal, sometimes we wish he'd be quiet for a while. Most important is the fact that he is now a very happy bird.
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Old 03-05-2017, 03:25 PM
mlj722's Avatar
mlj722 mlj722 is offline
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mlj722 is on a distinguished road

How sweet! I'm glad that you were willing to take the effort of saving that poor bird. It's good to hear that he's so much better now, seems like he's much happier with you than where he was.

My Cockatiel came to me hand-raised, so I may not understand how difficult it is to tame a Cockatiel, but better for you to have tamed him than someone who hasn't had previous experience and may have returned him.

I hope your bird has a long, good life like your previous Cockatiels. (Sorry to hear of their passing).
Old 03-06-2017, 02:21 PM
chrissy055 chrissy055 is offline
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So Wonderful! Post pictures of him when you can
Old 03-06-2017, 07:31 PM
TamaMoo's Avatar
TamaMoo TamaMoo is offline
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TamaMoo is on a distinguished road

Aww, welcome to you and your sweetie from Joey and me. It is so awesome you recognized his need for patience, and gave it to him. He sounds like a real darling.

Have you tried hand feeding pellets? To get Joey interested, I hand fed Zupreem fruity blend as treats, talking them up in an happy voice. He soon learned to love them, and they are still his favorite 'treat'. I don't have the heart to tell him they are healthy. Any time I have introduced a different brand, I have hand fed them and made them seem special.
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