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Cockatiel Housing and Toys All discussion of cages, cage setup, aviaries, toys, play gyms, etc. should go here.

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Old 03-05-2017, 06:39 PM
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Default Jaid doesn't play with toys anymore

So I just figured I'd get a second opinion here, ever since Beaker's incident, Jaid does not play with any toy whatsoever. It's been about 9 months since he's even interacted with a toy, and I just have been thinking it's too peculiar. He used to love toys and even kick Beaker out of the way for his turn to play, but nothing interests him anymore. Chewable toys, shredding toys, foraging toys, plastic toys, even mirrors- total ignored. The most I can get him to interact with is if I punch a hole in a spinach leaf or something and hang it around his cage. He's seen my conure play with all his toys, so he's still not getting the hint. I don't know if he's missing something, but my mind makes a sort of connection when we lost Beaky, Jaid stopped playing.

He's still himself, he is never quiet, hops around and eats and drinks well. He'll hang out with my conure and fly around, but I just thought it was out of character for him
Stephanie & Jaid
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Old 03-05-2017, 06:55 PM
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Has he been to the vet and had grams stains, blood work, and a parasite screening? The stress of losing a friend could have stressed him enough to weaken his immune system and open him up to health problems.

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Old 03-06-2017, 12:41 AM
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Did he have eyes for Beaker? A lot of the time, my guys 'play' with their toys in an attempt to show off their physical capabilities. "Look what I did to this toy, now imagine how nice of a nest I could make!"

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Old 03-06-2017, 01:31 AM
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Maybe his previous habits were more about competing with Beaker than any actual interest in the toys themselves.

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Old 03-06-2017, 07:25 PM
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He could very well be missing his best bud, and possibly associating playing with toys with playing with him. I'm no bird psychologist, but it does seem to me he may not want to play without Beaker.

Joey takes spells where he won't play with toys, but would rather sit on the back of the couch and be with us, but never for more than a couple weeks. Nine months does seem a long time.

Awww, love and scritches are being sent to the little guy..
Old 03-06-2017, 08:18 PM
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I can't say why he would stop playing with toys. Maybe with Beaker gone you'll need to re-teach him. Have you tried playing with the toys yourself to help him get interested?

Anyways, if he's otherwise acting normal and his body and poop appear healthy I wouldn't be concerned about a physical illness, and I'm not so sure what a vet can do if this is a psychological illness...I think only a behaviorist could give you professional help from there. It probably wouldn't hurt to take him to the vet, I'm just saying that I'm not sure how much it would help.

I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to Jaid; I hope that he feels better soon.
I am not a vet or a bird expert. I do work at a bird rescue, but that doesn't mean that I'm always right. This is just my opinion based off of my work at the rescue, general bird knowledge, research, and personal experience.
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