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Cockatiel Housing and Toys All discussion of cages, cage setup, aviaries, toys, play gyms, etc. should go here.

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Old 09-20-2016, 07:49 PM
Fran.bath89 Fran.bath89 is offline
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Default Aviary security

Hey guys I'm after some tips and ideas for security for my aviary. We haven't got the new aviary yet as waiting for a new house but I'm looking to plan ahead! So I'm definitely going to have some CCTV and I saw online they say to have a flood light but I'm worried if my dog sets it off or even a burglar that this may cause the birds to have a fright?? What are your views? What do you guys have as your set up for security?? Any help will be great thanks!!
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Old 09-20-2016, 09:52 PM
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I have suffered theft in the past and I'm beefing up plans for the aviary at our next home. Keep in mind some of the plans are because we need to be able to take it with us when we move.

We are starting with a pre-made dog kennel. We will leave the chain link attached, and use 1/4"X1/4" wire on the outside and 1/2"X1" on the inside. This adds strength against break-ins through the wire (my friend had her aviary broken into this way).

Several types of security. Yes it's extreme, but keep
In mind I and several of my friends have been robbed.

First, a fenced yard posted with "beware
Of dog" signs and "video surveillance in use" signs. Then of course the actual dogs and CCTV (the dogs are pets that just happen to scare away bad guys, they are not FOR security)

I will also be getting one of those really simple alarms that you put on a door that goes off when the door opens.

There are also laser security systems where if something larger than a certain size (you can adjust it) crosses the top of your fence, it alarms.

I will not be using flood lights because of the risk of birds injuring themselves if a light suddenly flashes on.

Oh, and humane live traps for cats and safe traps for rats (non poison, non snapping) on the outside. And of course I will wire the bottom against rats and snakes as well.

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Old 09-21-2016, 05:53 PM
Fran.bath89 Fran.bath89 is offline
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Thank you for sharing your plans it's very helpful for me and anyone else who might be thinking about a security system. I was shocked to find flood light listed for aviary security as most birds would have night frights from that! I'm just really worried because I keep reading about thefts in bird magazines as well as people setting fire to aviarys! Luckily my dog barks if he hears someone approach our home and he chases off cats so hopefully that will help deter anyone or thing hoping to get my birds. I'm going to have the floor of my aviary as concrete which will then be planted on top and I plan to have about 1 foot of brick wall around the bottom of the whole flight and bird room this will hopefully stop most pests. The frame is most likely to be a mix of metal and wood. The mesh will be very small as I also keep canaries and finches. There is also some laser (infra red) alarms that will alert you via mobile phone but my problem is my phone is set to do not disturb through the night so I wouldn't be awoken to this form of alarm. Also if the people breaking in don't hear an alarm they may still be able to make away with some birds or let them out before you get there, where as an audible alarm will let them know someone is coming and to leave quickly.
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alarms, aviary, cctv, flood light, security

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