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Food And Nutrition Post any questions you may have about your cockatiels diet here. Also feel free to share any cockatiel recipes you may know of.

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Old 03-25-2017, 08:07 PM
liloandmilo liloandmilo is offline
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Default Crushing Pellets

I've recently order a 10 lbs bag of Roudybush Mini Sized Pellets for my two cockatiels, but after trying out some of their Crumble sized pellets, I'm trying to find a way to make the mini pellets become smaller.

This is because the Crumble size really helped reduce the waste they were producing and they seem to like it better bite-size.

Anyone have any suggestions to making them smaller? I've tried putting it in a ziplock and beating it with a roller, but it didn't really work.
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Old 03-25-2017, 09:13 PM
BadAsslongCoat BadAsslongCoat is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2017
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BadAsslongCoat is on a distinguished road

I have a mortar and pestle that I use, I pour a small amount of parakeet pellet into the base and tap at the pellets while stirring lightly, this cracks them approximately in half. I have to do this for my Charles who has an under-bite and can't pick up the full sized pellets and I find it works quite well.
Old 03-25-2017, 09:33 PM
Paul C Paul C is offline
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Yea I use mortar and pestle too, otherwise more than 50% wastage...
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