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Your Cockatiels Health Ask questions about your cockatiels health here.

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Old 02-15-2017, 05:23 PM
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Default Why are my tiels nails always so sharp?

So i used to get my birds wings clipped and nails trimmed regularly, but now that we don't have the need to keep her wings trimmed it's just her nails, and because of this i've been paying a lot more attention to the length of them.

The last time we went and the time before that, i assumed that her nails were so incredibly sharp and were catching on everything and scratching me constantly were because of the length. the vet told me (we go to an avian and exotic vet for grooming and checkups) that her nails weren't actually that long but they were extremely sharp. i've been reading about how to tell when your birds nails need to be trimmed, and they're getting a bit long, but they're still not at the point i actually need to take her to get a nail trim.

every time we get them trimmed they're fine for about 2 weeks and then they get super sharp again. dos anyone else have this problem with their birds?

i doubt its her perches, she spends most of her time on either wood or plastic, i have one concrete and one sand perch near the door of the cage (they are the two lowest perches to discourage her from spending too much time on them, and she rarely ever sits on the sand perch but it makes it easier for her to move in and out of her cage) she might spend about 1 hour a day max on the concrete perch.

i doubt its her diet, we've changed her diet 3 times and she's had this sharp nail issue the whole time. she's never needed a beak trim except for once when she was sick and wasn't grinding her beak, so i know it's not overgrowing or anything either
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Old 02-15-2017, 05:41 PM
chrissy055 chrissy055 is offline
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Ava's nails are like that also. We get them trimmed by our vet then 3 weeks later I have scratch marks all over my arms ect. Our vet told us that since Ava is 5 months, that you can only cut their nails so much because they aren't done growing yet and can damage them. This finally made sense why we have to bring her back like every month. Is your baby young as well?
Old 02-15-2017, 06:01 PM
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This is why I use a dremmel at home. Does better rounding the edges, less blood if you do accidentally go too deep, they aren't exposed to the stress a d potential infection of the vet, and I can do it as often as needed without breaking the bank.

Also, plastic perches could likely be part of the problem. Pedi perches that are smooth on top but are flat so the nails actually hit the rough surface are great. I also wedge my cuttle bone through the bars and they love to perch on it while they chew, and that seems to do wonders for their nails as well

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