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Cockatiel Talk Talk about anything cockatiel related here.

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Old 07-28-2011, 09:58 PM
cookiemonster cookiemonster is offline
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Shocked Coming Out! New behavior?


I've been quite busy with life lately, but over the past month or so I've noticed Cookie, my male birdie has changed alot.

1. He can fly!! Although he just started to fly two months ago, now he can really fly. I'm actually quite impressed with him. He knows where he wants to go and doesn't bump into things anymore! He can fly around obstacles, over and under things... but he's my question.
How can you train them to not land on your head, but instead land on your shoulders or hand?

I would love to teach him some manners so that when friends/family come over they won't be quite so freaked out... or annoyed.

2. He is a boy. Background info: when I first got him, I thought he was a girl. After a couple months I started thinking he could be a boy because he was whistling so much. A couple of weeks ago, it was pretty much confirmed that he was in fact, very much a boy. Actually, a horny boy at that. The silly bird thinks my foot is the greatest thing in the world and would love to all sorts of brown-chick-a-brown-cow things to it, but its my foot! My foot is not very comfortable with this at all.
My question is, is there some sort of other outlet I can give him to release his sexy self that is safe and not at all awkward?

3. So you may have gotten from the above that he is going through some serious hormonal changes right now, but there have been some other curious things going on with him.
Sometimes, he walks around sideways like a crab, and then taps one of his foot on the floor. Is this normal? I think sometimes he taps his foot because he likes the sound of it... but I'm not sure. It is not in any way a big deal, I was just a bit curious about this one.

4. Also, I've noticed he tends to bob his head alot. I read somewhere that birds do this because they don't have depth perception, but I was just curious to if there is another reason why a male cockatiel might bob his head up and down.

I tend to think of him as a baby, because... well, he does alot of things babies would do. Experiment making different sounds, practicing imitations, banging things around, crying when left behind, etc. He's cute.

However, he is such a teenage boy. Although, sometimes right before his sexy time, he turns into the sweetest prince charming you will ever meet. He fans out his feathers just a tad, puffs out his chest and starts singing his little heart out. He rest his head on my feet, kisses my feet...

He's just so cute, I had to tell someone.
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Who wouldn't love a Cookie?

Last edited by cookiemonster; 07-28-2011 at 10:04 PM..
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Old 07-28-2011, 10:12 PM
Mentha's Avatar
Mentha Mentha is offline
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Mentha is on a distinguished road

The only thing I can think of is hormone reduction techniques which you can find threads all over about it. Long nights (12-14 hours covered) to start out with. You can train a bird to land on your shoulder by when he lands on your head put him on your shoulder then give him a treat, he'll soon realize that if he wants a treat he has to be on the shoulder.

Owned by umpteen rabbits, 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 African Grays, 2 Green Cheek Conures, 21 cockatiels, 10 ringneck doves, 1 husband, & 3 children.
Old 07-29-2011, 07:35 AM
chloe92us's Avatar
chloe92us chloe92us is offline
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chloe92us is on a distinguished road

Your post is so cute---I was LOL the whole time reading it! I'm new to tiels so can't offer any advice but wanted to let you know I enjoyed your way of writing. Funny! Hope he stops doin' it with your foot soon.
Trisha in SW Florida
The tiels, Mango & Casper
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1 husband, 1 son
Old 07-29-2011, 06:19 PM
cookiemonster cookiemonster is offline
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cookiemonster is on a distinguished road

Mentha, have you tried this before?

Who wouldn't love a Cookie?
Old 07-29-2011, 06:37 PM
clawnz clawnz is offline
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clawnz is on a distinguished road

Foot Fetish Tiel.

This is Coco, not my own bird he was just staying with me for a few days.
He would talk to nearly anybodies feet.

1: They land on your head as they see this as the safe option. With training it will soon learn to trust you and land on your shoulder.

2: Hum! Yes. This should pass.

3: Yes this is normal. They move this way when being cautious I guess so they can fly off if they want to. They could not fly away from something if they were facing what they are cautious of.

4: Beak banging ( I assume you mean this) head bobing is a common male thing. And part of courtship display.
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